Lake Zurich Daffodil


Oakwood Daffodils in Niles, Michigan is the only daffodil farm in the Midwest and is one of the largest in the country which serves growers of fine and unusual daffodils. Its owner, Dr. John Reed, recently gave a bulb of one of his newly registered daffodils to the Midwest Daffodil Society who voted to pass it on to GCLZ for inclusion in the Ela Library garden. Recently, GCLZ President John Van Ostrand and George Dorner met at the Library to plant the bulb and the identifying stake which John had prepared. It is planted on the west side of the walkway at the center of the garden, just to the left of the identifying plaque. John is shown in the photo with the stake in the foreground. We hope to see a beautiful bloom or two in the spring with white petals and a short yellow cup.