Continuing Garden Club Projects

1. Maintenance of Perennial Beds at Ela Library:
All members are expected to participate in the plantings and cleanup of the library garden beds. This is held in conjunction with our Spring and Fall Plant Sales.
Chairpersons: Lillian Koch, Ernie MacLagan & Judie Zietlow

Everyone who uses the Ela Area Public Library benefits from the aesthetics of the perennial garden and the knowledge imparted by the members of the garden club as they work at the garden and answer questions from the public. Most questions are on the various kinds of plants, maintenance practices, and the wildlife which visits the garden, etc.

2. Spring and Fall Plant Sales:
The plant sales are held in May and end of August. They are the two major events which fund our programs and projects throughout the year. All members are expected to participate by providing plants and assist in the set-up and sale of the plants. 100% member participation is needed.
Chairperson: Lillian Koch

3. Members Only Plant Exchange:
The plant exchange is held every year at the June meeting to promote the sharing of diverse plants among members of the garden club. Plants are to be a single potted perennial, clearly labeled with its name and care.
Chairperson: Karen Johanson

4. Clock Tower Gardens-Celebration Park
The Clock Tower Garden is located in the new “Celebration Park” at the corner of Main and Old Rand Road. The Village of Lake Zurich has provided this corner as a relaxing spot for its downtown area. The Garden Club of Lake Zurich provides maintenance to these grounds as needed.
Chairperson: Nancy Stephens

5. Permanent Plant Labels:
Plant labels are an ongoing project to identify all the plants we have planted at the Ela Library Gardens.
Chairpersons: Lillian Koch and John VanOstrand

6. The Jubilee Garden: (Rte.22 off Quentin Rd in Lake Zurich)
The Jubilee Garden in conjunction with the St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry provides fresh produce to the needy. Garden club members are asked to donate one or two hours of their time to work in the garden. They are now on Facebook under St. Francis de Sales Jubilee Garden where you can view their “Jubilee Garden Calendar” work dates. You may also visit their web page:
Chairperson: Joanna Znorski

7. Food Pantry Donations:
On the months that we meet, club members bring packaged food products, toiletries, and/or cosmetic items to donate to our food pantries in Lake Zurich for those in need. We alternate our donations between St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church and St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church.
Chairpersons: Sally Henning and John Cameron

8. Decorating Christmas Tree at Ela Public Library
The Ela Library has requested we assist them with the decorating of their Christmas tree in December. Members provide decorations pertinent to gardening (when possible) and also take down the tree after Christmas.
Chairperson: Denise Regent.

9. Ruth Cameron Memorial Planter
Each year we replace the plants in our memorial planter located in the library gardens to display a fresh and new look with our favorite flowers for all to enjoy.
Chairpersons: Sally Henning and John Cameron

10. Commemorative Stamp Project/Audubon Society
Stamps are collected and forwarded to Kay MacNeil, GCI’s Birds & Butterflies Chairman. Funds are raised from sale of stamps and used to purchase property for wildlife.

New Garden Club Projects

1. Lake Zurich Garden Club Official Website
We now have our own garden club website.
We are now able to post our monthly programs, special events, membership applications and any other related information or links about our club online.
Chairperson: Katie Whiston

2. Facebook
We are currently on Facebook under Garden Club of Lake Zurich. Club events and programs are posted on to Facebook as they occur.
Chairperson: Jennifer Lukasik

3. Researching project to donate books relating to horticulture, gardening, landscape design, conservation, etc. to the Ela Area Public Library for the community to check out and explore.