Chairperson: Nancy Burke

2012: GCI Award #42 Club Achievement, Blue Rosette
2012: GCI Award #48 Horticulture, Silver Seal
2012: GCI All Star Award-First Place, District IX
2012: Judges Council Citation – Bill Hessel
Certificate of Appreciation from Village of Lake
Zurich for beauty and maintenance of city’s Celebra-
tion Park/Clock Tower Garden

2011: Award #48 Horticulture, Gold Seal
2011: All Star Award**First Place, Dist. IX
2011: Club Achievement Award, Purple Ribbon
2011: Gold Rosette Ribbon, Award #9 Flower Show Cooperation
2011: Green* Rosette Ribbon, Award #9 Near Club Std Flower Show
2011: $10 Award for Second Place Flower Show Schedule
2011: Award #15Ai Certificate of Merit, B. Hessel Flower Show
2011: Red Rosette Ribbon, Best Club Yearbook #40
2011: Green* Rosette Ribbon, Yearbook
2011: Award #20, 2nd Place $30, M.R.Walgreen Civic Project (Ela Library Project)
2011: Award #25B, 1st Place, $25, M.Fitzsimmons Home Garden Design (Ruth & John Cameron’s)
2011: Award #27,Garden Consultants Community Project-Town Clock Tower
2011: Award #29, Certificate of Merit, Holiday Decortions Ela Libr
2011: Presidential Citation, Outstanding Service as Judges Council (B. Hessel)
2011: Award #13 Flower Show Educational Exhibit Award to L. DeBoer/B.Hessel(Wauconda shared flower show)
2011: Award #15B Design Excellence for Creative Design to E.Southwood (Wauconda shared flower show)
2010: Fabulous 5 Award District IX
2010: GCI Award #42 Blue Rosette for Club Achievement
2010: Club Horticultural Aware #48
2010: GCI Award #101- National Entry Yearbook – Green Ribbon
2010: Certificate of Achievement  Best Yearbook #40B-   Red Ribbon
2010: Club Extension  Award-Membership Increase - Blue Ribbon